Oh. Okay. 

Hello! I'm Halle. Things I know about myself: I love Star Wars. I'm terrible at bios, and I used to confuse Colorado with Avocado, but I was like 6, so maybe we can let that one slide. I was on Harry's Law as a very smart 16 year old drug dealer of birth control pills to underage girls. I played another precocious well developed sassy rich teenager in Ouija: Origin of Evil. Or maybe you know I did some voice work in Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night, or that I played a banging pregnant young mother in the award winning short White River Tales. I don't know. I don't! Why are you yelling! I've performed at UCB, and the PIT. I wrote a whole screen play with my best friend! I'm writing a play, and another play! There's a short in the works. I'm exhausting myself now. Anyways, I'm repped by Abrams Artists. Susan Smith was my manager for a while, and was the most bad ass lady I could have imagined. Kathy Bates was once really lovely to me, and told me I was talented. And that's just bragging! Enjoy!




Preproduction begins on Luscious

A short film written by Anna-Lise Basse and Halle Charlton. 

We follow an indie improv team on the night the find out whether or not they make it onto famed house improv teams. It sounds incredibly niche, but at it's heart it's about the selfishness that we hold in order to pursue the things we want, whether that be in friendship, romance, or facing your own ambition. It's funny, it's heart-wrenching, and it's chaotic. Stay tuned for our kickstarter page!



  • Ongoing:

    • Catch me (if you can) as a dead girl and a prepubescent feral child on Marvel's podcast: Wolverine: The Long Night. LINK: http://www.wolverinepodcast.com/ 

    • WHITE RIVER TALES at SeriesFest in Denver!

  • SHOWS:

    • Veggie Palace at The Hustle

      • August 22nd at 8PM at Improv Asylum

    • ​Goth Girls Presents: Little Italy, a Sketch Show​

      • September 7th at Under St. Marks at 8PM

    • FALLSTOCK: Musical Improv at UCB

      • Every Tuesday Night in September at UCB Hell's Kitchen at 10:30 PM

Stay mad, Little Meg. You'll need all your anger now. 

A Wrinkle In Time





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